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Vibration analysis


Refer to ISO 10816-3; this machine is classified in the machine group 2 ; fiexible foundation, the machine severity is "Inadmissible" (>7.1 mm/s as the above data) condition.

Analyze for
The vibration high at 3A and 4 A and they are much more than the other points as called "Directional Vibration". Main source of these vibrations are only the synchronous speed or the fan speed 17.5 Hz (1050 rpm) as the spectrum attached figure 1. This is the effect of "Resonacne " on the machine.

In order to confirm the Resonance Phenomenon, we have preformed "Bump Test" on the machine to find out the resonant part and found that the Nutural frequency of the Pedestal is 15.25 Hz as the spectrum attachment figure 2. This Nutureal frequency is close up the main source at 3A and 4A. The excitation force at 17.5 Hz is higher than the Natural frequency at 15.25 only 2.25 Hz or 14.75% or the Natural frequency. So the "Bump Test" result is confirmed that this is the "Resonance Phenomenon"

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